If you have found me here it could be for a number of wildly different reasons, as my days have me involved in activities that many people might not put together.

  • I write and editing books, articles, website content, curricula, and assessment (I have a doctorate in Applied Linguistics from New York University).
  • I am a longtime practitioner of mindfulness and I introduce it to kids and grown-ups.
  • I am an ethical vegan (and mom to a delightful weegan).
  • I can regularly be seen walking and jogging with my rescue greyhound, Mr. Stanley.
  • I am a fractional Chief Operating Officer for small businesses.  This means I figure out what needs to be done and how to do it, then hire the right people for the right seats and train them. And when things don’t go the way they should, I identify why and find/create a solution.
  • I have worked mostly remotely for my entire career.

Feel free to contact me about any of the above at mary@marymartin.net.

Sharing Mindfulness

Decades of inquiry into the nature of my own mind through meditation provided me with an endless stream of inner conversations about thought, meaning, and the ability to cultivate states of attention and compassion.

When I became a first-time (only-time) parent at the tender age of 43, I wanted my daughter to eventually be able to train her own mind and understand the nature of her subjective experience.

After learning how to introduce mindfulness to children by reading books and completing trainings including:

  • Dr. Amy Saltzman’s Still Quiet Place
  • Mindful Schools – beginning in 2013 and including courses in Difficult Emotions and Communication. I am also a graduate of their yearlong program. Here‘s my page in the Certified Instructor Directory.
  • Brown University Mindfulness Center – MBSR Fundamentals

This, along with multiple silent retreats, provides me with a solid structure for the delivery of mindfulness to children, and to help parents, teachers, and other stakeholders understand what it is and what it isn’t.

If you are a parent or teacher or community stakeholder who would like to see what mindfulness looks like in the classroom or in life, feel free to contact me at mary@marymartin.net and put mindfulness in the subject line.

Thank you.


All Things Writing

Back in the day, the ghostwriting and developmental editing of nonfiction books was a different universe than it is today. Technology brought the Internet, ebooks, blogs, websites, and the democratization of information (more or less).

I started my career by writing and editing nonfiction books–the kind that involved large advances and first came out in hardcover a year after the date of submission to the publisher.

Though that scenario is still a reality for some writers, both authors and audiences simply no longer want to wait that long for their next book to hit the market. And some parts of the audience don’t even want to buy physical books anymore.

These days, I develop ebooks and various other collections of words currently referred to as content. This includes grant writing and other funding proposals. And I have a large network of writers I can refer you to for the perfect match for your project.

Feel free to contact me at mary@marymartin.net and put writing in the subject line.

Thank you!