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I’ve been writing, collaborating on, and editing nonfiction books and shorter works since 1989. I’ve also helped my clients get published or guided them through the process of starting a publishing arm of their companies and self-publishing.

I have a doctorate in Applied Linguistics (from New York University), which means that I formally studied teaching and learning, and did so in an interdisciplinary context. That was in the early-mid 1990s, and I’ve kept up with the advances in my field, particularly the parts related to cognitive neuroscience. How we learn and (what we know of) why we do what we do informs much of my work.



What I Do

Because I’ve been at this for several decades, what I do includes just about everything within the nonfiction genre.

~  Sometimes that means ghostwriting an entire book.
~  Sometimes it means developmental editing of their rough draft of a manuscript (i.e., close to a rewrite, but the content is generally there).
~  Sometimes it means collaborating on a manuscript (i.e., the content isn’t all there yet and we create it together).
~  Sometimes it means editing and completing a manuscript.
~  Sometimes it means doing one of the above and also getting the book published.
~  For entrepreneurs, it usually means doing one of the above and demonstrating the wisdom and ease of self-publishing.
~  A lot of the time it means non-book projects.

By far, my most popular service is The Writer’s Intensive, where, oddly enough, the client does most of the writing.

Non-book Projects

~  Curricula for individual workshops as well as entire courses
~  Speeches
~  Chapters in anthologies
~  White papers
~  Articles for magazines/journals
~  Grant applications (federal, state, private foundation, you name it)
~  Study materials and practice tests for certification exams
~  Website content

The Writer’s Intensive

Although my business does include ghostwriting, most of my clients hire me because they want to write their own material. Either due to lack of confidence, education or experience, they aren’t comfortable going it alone, so they hire me to help them complete their projects.

The Writer’s Intensive is an entire day or series of days, at the location of the client’s choice, which is usually their home. I’ve traveled the country doing Writing Intensives, and they’re my favorite work-related activity because I get to watch someone become a writer. We work together, eat together, take walks, exercise together, and essentially live the life of writers for the time we are together. They learn that writing isn’t about sitting in front of a computer all day.

When we are at the computer, we research, we fact check, we learn the resources of writers. And when we’re not at the computer, we use our brains differently, often creating and revising without writing down a single word.

The clients learn to be writers. They might still need some editing, but they learn how to do the work of writing.


Strict ghostwriting clients usually value confidentiality so much that they pay a premium.

However, most other clients are happy to speak with prospects of mine. Because I provide a wide variety of services, I try to match prospects with clients whose projects are similar in scope or type. In other words, I’ll provide a reference for you that will be meaningful to you, once you’ve described your needs.

For now, it’s probably most helpful to describe a handful of representative projects.

~  Susan Bradley, Founder and President of the Sudden Money Institute (and author of Sudden Money: Managing a Financial Windfall, by Susan Bradley and Mary Martin, Wiley 2000). That book was the beginning of The Sudden Money Institute’s intensive study of the interplay between the human and financial components of money in our lives, and my decade-plus working relationship with them.
~  Martin Weiss, PhD, author of the bestselling The Ultimate Safe Money Guide (Wiley 2002).
~  Laura King, expert in behavior change and hypnosis. Her first book, The Power to Win (Lyons 2004), was the start of a nearly decade-long working relationship, including four subsequent books.
~  Six books (and also supplementary materials) on peak performance, personal excellence or practice management for top experts & speakers in their fields.


~  Study guides and sample tests for a company that serves financial planning professionals.
~  Financial literacy materials (curricula, study guides, exams) for consumers.
~  Website content, brochures, and white papers for a variety of professionals, including attorneys, consultants and financial services professionals.
~  Grant applications by lead agencies in multiple-agency projects for federal grants (as well as state and private grants). Note that I have spent a decade reviewing grants for the federal government, as well (Department of Education).



I’ve been fortunate enough to have worked by referral for most of my career and have had several client relationships that have lasted for over a decade.

The few clients who fortuitously found me have been a joy to work with, and I always welcome new voices and new ideas.

I can be reached at mary@marymartin.net and at 561-310-7344.

twitter: @marymartinphd

LinkedIn: Mary Martin, PhD