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Back in the day, the ghostwriting and developmental editing of nonfiction books was a different universe than it is today. Technology brought the Internet, ebooks, blogs, websites, and the democratization of information (more or less).

For several decades, I wrote and edited nonfiction books–the kind that involved large advances and first came out in hard cover (after over a year from the date of submission) and were accompanied by a several-month campaign to get them a coveted spot on a bestseller list.

Though I’m sure that scenario is still a reality for some writers (particularly those who are franchises), both authors and audiences simply no longer want to wait that long for their next book to hit the market. And some parts of the audience don’t even want to buy physical books anymore.

The way I make books happen now is by developing ebooks, and I’m fine with that. I’m happy to speak with anyone who wants to write a nonfiction book about how exactly one goes about doing such a thing. There’s no right way, but there’s a best way for each author, and I’m pretty good at figuring out what that best way is after nearly 30 years of doing the work.

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