The Writer’s Intensive

Although my business does include ghostwriting, most of my clients hire me because they want to write their own material. Either due to lack of confidence, education or experience, they aren’t comfortable going it alone, so they hire me to help them complete their projects.

The Writer’s Intensive is an entire day or series of days, at the location of the client’s choice, which is usually their home. I’ve traveled the country doing Writing Intensives, and they’re my favorite work-related activity because I get to watch someone become a writer. We work together, eat together, take walks, exercise together, and essentially live the life of writers for the time we are together. They learn that writing isn’t about sitting in front of a computer all day.

When we are at the computer, we research, we fact check, we learn the resources of writers. And when we’re not at the computer, we use our brains differently, often creating and revising without writing down a single word.

The clients learn to be writers. They might still need some editing, but they learn how to do the work of writing.

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